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Miss Gillis

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Mrs. Rivera

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More About Chestnut TAG Life Skills

At Chestnut TAG there are two classrooms made up of the Life Skills Program. Dara Gillis (teacher of Math and Science) and Elizabeth Rivera (teacher of ELA, Social Studies, and ESOL) run the program throughout the year. Our main focus is to introduce new "life skills" to our students so they can embed them in their everyday lives to help them become more independent. The bases of our teaching is using real world problems to challenge our students to solve which will better them for the real world. Our classes are structured with no more than 12 students per class so each student can receive as much one on one assistance as they need to be able to grasp the subject being taught. Hands on Projects are used often throughout the year so students can visually see and comprehend what is being learned and their understanding of what the outside world has to offer will expand.


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